Unpublished Stories

A selection from my collection of unpublished original short fiction initially written for a number of different reasons. Storytelling originated as a community activity, one of interaction and discussion to be enjoyed together. It’s sad that we now view reading and enjoying stories as a solitary exercise.

If you like what you see, feel free to comment.

NOTE: All stories posted here are in beta-draft form. They have not been completely edited or refined as of present. Feedback is appreciated.

Do Enjoy.

Queue (2,000 Words) – There is nothing worse for David than waiting in a line that never seems to move.  Especially when he’s got somewhere else to be.

Thank You (323 Words; Flash Fiction) – How do you thank someone who wants to forget?

Rorschach (4,500 Words) – Alex keeps having the same nightmare.  The one in which he’s the monster.

Snares (2,500 Words) – Twelve snares. No rabbits. Carlos hates this place.

Coyote (2,500 Words) – Hank Marsden learns a lesson in regret.

Try Your Luck (7,500 Words) – A hunt for witch trains in the African bush goes awry.