About This Blog

Ever hear of a brain dump? 

Because that’s what you’re dealing with here.  Warning Signs is place for me, the author, Adam S. Getty, to put things which are cluttering my brain.  For the time being it’s unclear what form or function those things will take.

I’ve said it before, I don’t want to blog.  I feel that it’s a necessary… evil? No, more like  a necessary neutral.

I’ve begun to identify more and more over the last couple of years as a “writer” in the sense that I do, occasionally, write.  I write short fiction, mostly for and with friends at:

http://awritersrecluse.proboards.com/ (You should click on that, check it out)

But I’ve been considering branching out.  I’ve got the stemcells of a novel gestating which I work on from time to time, but for now it’s mostly short fiction.  I’ll occasionally post freebies here, but I’d like to sell some… When I get brave.

In an odd contradiction to my non-internet persona, this is where I come to be unsure of myself.  That’s weird.

I do, sincerely, hope you enjoy what you find here.

–A. Stephen Getty





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