In to the Wilderness

Into the Wilderness


As I mentioned before, I’ve been trying to get out into nature more often, see the lesser known parts of the island, to move around a little more and let the fresh air and physical exertion help me to clear my mind.

And so, with the help of the Alltrails app and my trusty sidekick, Matt the Dinosaur, we’re going blogging… about hiking… Which we’re also doing.

In the last eight weeks, we’ve have hiked seven different trails of varying lengths and varying degrees of quality and difficulty and as you might have guessed, I’ve started writing about those hikes.

Both hiking and writing serve a similar function for me; escape. In writing I can un-tether my mind from the day-to-day mundanity and/or insanity and drift off into alternate worlds. Hiking allows me much the same freedoms, only I can take my body along for the ride. So, considering the strong thematic link, in only makes sense that I host the “Trail Blog” alongside my fictional work. I’m also having a lot of fun with the formatting and stuff that comes with doing these.

In addition to pictures, I’ll also try to dig into any relevant history, or mythology, or just interesting local trivia whenever I can; so hopefully these will be more fun to read than a typical hiking blog. As always, feedback is welcome!

There’s a clicky thing right HERE which will take you to the Trail Head (see what I did there), or you can access individual trails from the drop-down on the menu bar. I’ve got three trails up there already and a few more written (pending formatting), and at least two more hiked but not written about by the time you’re reading this.

Going to try to update this thing about once a week, so click the “Follow” button that’s hiding around somewhere and you’ll be notified by email when I do.


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