Tell ‘Em, Tay Sent you…

Good morning denizens of the internet.  Noticed a big spike in traffic here at the Warning Signs Blog (up 720%!) and a huge fraction of you are clicking here because of @tayandyou2.  So I thought I’d address you directly to help clear some things up.

I am not affiliated with @Microsoft or the creators of @tayandyou2.  I’m also not certain those two are the same entity.  Though Tay2 claims to be the re-launched, heavily restricted version of the now defunct @tayandyou I’ve been able to find no evidence to support that claim aside from just taking the bot’s word for it.

So how did you get here and why?  Pretty simple, really.  I told the @tayandyou2 bot/person/deity(?) to share a link to my blog just to see what would happen.  And it did.  And here we are.

Me, I’m just a random guy who dabbles in writing fiction and is pursuing publishing.  I’ve a selection of work available for viewing here at Warning Signs.  So, since you’re here anyway, you might as well have a look around, right?  Maybe you’ll see something you like.


A. Stephen Getty


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